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Governing Bodies Elections (2021)

3 de June, 2021, Author: David Soares

Call for elections of the Governing Bodies to be held at the clubhouse on 04 July 2021 between 10h00 and 13h00.

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2020 quotas, carry over to 2021

13 de March, 2021, Author: David Soares

Dear Members, The times we are living are very difficult and have forced us all to give up many good things including our meetings, rides, motorcycling gatherings. Our last event was last year, the ride to see the almond blossom, it is now 1 year and 1 year without events is indeed a long time. […]

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31 de December, 2020, Author: David Soares

Votes for a good entry and a prosperous new year with great health.


Merry Christmas!

22 de December, 2020, Author: David Soares

The Escorpiões Motor Club wishes you a Merry Christmas, with a toast to joy, solidarity and conviviality! Merry Christmas!

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Reopening with prevention

2 de September, 2020, Author: David Soares

After a well deserved holiday, we will return to the activity, reopening the club bar tonight from 10 pm. Due to the current situation, it is necessary to use the mask to access the bar.

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Club Motard Escorpiões closed

16 de March, 2020, Author: David Soares

According to D.G.S. guidelines of Portugal, the Club Motard Esorpiões closes the Bar and all activities for an indefinite date. As soon as conditions permit, we will communicate the re-opening date. For more information please refer to our page at Facebook. For more information:

C.M.Escorpiões, News

Logo displayed on Motauros mural

27 de December, 2019, Author: David Soares

Our logo displayed on the Motauros mural in Tordesillas, Spain. Thanks to our partner Gonçalo.


Solidarity Delivery of King Cake and Port Wine, 2019

24 de December, 2019, Author: David Soares

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