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Moments of the V Transversal 25/26 June 2022

29 de June, 2022, Author: David Soares


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13 Antique Motorbike Rally (Saturday, 14 May 2022)

11 de March, 2022, Author: David Soares

SATURDAY, 14 MAY 2022 Programme: 09h00 - Concentration at the Clubhouse 10h00 - Departure for the walk 11h30 - Lunch 12h30 - Continuation of the ride 14h00 - Lunch at Clube Motard Escorpiões

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Solidarity Dinner: Let’s help Vicente (23rd)

19 de October, 2021, Author: David Soares

CM Scorpions will hold next Saturday, 23rd by 20h, a solidarity dinner on the theme: Let's help Vicente. Vicente is a 7 years old child born with De Morsier Syndrome and a 95% disability in the most severe form. The dinner will be open to all, please attend, members, family, friends, all will be welcome. [...]


Solidarity Delivery of King Cake and Port Wine, 2019

24 de December, 2019, Author: David Soares

Cidade Hoje Report Voluntary firemen of Viatodos Jorge Reis Home Social Center of Brufe Calendário Social Center Famalicão volunteer firemen Public Safety Police Famalicão Hospital Republican National Guard


Our parade, Dec. 2019

22 de December, 2019, Author: David Soares