C.M.Escorpiões, News

2020 quotas, carry over to 2021

Dear Members,

The times we are living are very difficult and have forced us all to give up many good things including our meetings, rides, motorcycling gatherings.
Our last event was last year, the ride to see the almond blossom, it is now 1 year and 1 year without events is indeed a long time.

But this is for the good of us, our families and therefore our club.
The C. M. Scorpions is made of people and if the people are well, the Club is well. We don’t know for how much longer we will be forced to be away, but we know that when it’s possible for us to get back to the road, we will come back and we will come back strongly.
The lack of socialising with friends, the lack of riding on the road as a group, makes us very anxious to get back together.

The Scorpions have already planned some events for 2021 (as soon as it is possible), such as electing a new board, going on some rides again and our socials at our headquarters.
Face to the situation experienced, the current direction decided not to collect the dues for 2020, for those who had already paid in full or in part, the payment will be carried over to 2021.

Motorcycling greetings and see you soon.