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Available procedures

  • Attendance at headquarters
  • Bank transfer

You can make the payment for the specific month (s) or the respective annuity.

1. Attendance at Headquarters
You will have to address the person responsible. Necessary documents:

  • Membership card (membership number)

2. Bank Transfer
For your convenience, you can make quota payments with the following information:
Information to be provided along the email with the attachment of the proof

  • Month (s) or year (s) concerned
  • Telephone number
  • Your name
  • Number of member


  • Membership card (membership number)


  • NIB: 0036 0259 99100005398 29
  • IBAN: PT50 0036 0259 99100005398 29

After you have transferred the amount, please send us an email to mail.escorpioes@gmail.com with proof of the transfer.

Note: Once you have confirmed your payment, you will be sent the corresponding receipt by email in pdf