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Founded on November 16, 2000, the Motal “Escorpiões” Club of VN de Famalicão, affiliated to the FNM (National Motorcycle Federation) under No. 211, was born from the initiative of a small group of motards whose purpose was to provide all the “motorbike lovers”, scattered all over the county, the possibility of joining the “Escorpones family” and at the same time making known the true Motard spirit.

The first meetings took place in the “Bem Estar” and “Milénio” cafes, and afterwards they moved to a space in Seide, given by the Junta of that Parish. Since November 2000, the Club has established its headquarters in the Place of the Church, parish of Mouquim, where it occupies a space suitable for the conviviality of its many members and motards who visit us.

As the development area is aimed at MotoTourism, in addition to participating in various concentrations motards the club has carried out several initiatives of which we highlight:

  1. Participation in Carnival parades from 2001 to 2013;
  2. Consecration of the Lady of Fatima as Patroness of the Escorpiões, on 05/19/2001;
  3. Participation in the Antonines Festivals 2001 and 2002 and 2003;
  4. Participation in the Largest Christmas Parade in 2001, 2002 and 2003 in Oporto, among others;
  5. Motard de Famalicão Union Concentration 2002;
  6. Concentration of União Motard de Famalicão 2003;
  7. Concentration of Motard de Famalicão 2004;
  8. Concentration of old motorbikes 2008;
  9. Concentration “Escorpiões” 2008;
  10. Concentration of old motorcycles 2009;
  11. Concentration “Escorpiões” 2009;
  12. Concentration of old motorcycles 2010;
  13. Concentration “Escorpiões” 2010;
  14. Concentration of old motorcycles 2011;
  15. Concentration “Escorpiões” 2011;
  16. Concentration of old motorcycles 2012;
  17. Concentration “Escorpiões” 2012;
  18. Concentration of old motorcycles 2013;
  19. Concentration “Escorpiões” 2013;

In addition, it is the intention of the Club Direction to organize many other initiatives over the years, since it knows that it counts always with the precious help of all the members, in the sense of forming a Club well-known and respected in Portugal.